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AIR Atos/Avian demo day for anyone interested!

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AIR Atos/Avian demo day for anyone interested!

Postby Richard Jerman » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:35 am

Dear Club Contacts (emails from BHPA directory),
I would like to arrange a demo day for pilots to try out AIR and Avian's latest gliders. Sven from AIR will be bringing a several Atos's over from Germany on the 23rd and 24th June and I can supply some Avian gliders. I'm not expecting it to be enormously popular, I would count 10 people as a big success from my point of view, so it shouldn't result in there being many more people on the hill than a typical good day.
The British weather being what it is, I'd like to have options for travelling to different sites depending on the conditions, hence emailing all of you! The Long Mynd would be my preferred option in the case of W winds, Malvern in the case of E and Llangollen in the case of N. Do you know of any good S facing sites that are not too far from this area and are top driveable? In the case of no wind then I would like to go to Malvern aerotow club (I believe Nick Collins has already brought this up at a club meeting). I anticipate a week before I should have a reasonable idea on the conditions, and confirm for sure a day or two before.
I'm happy to collect site fees from all visiting pilots and pass onto the relevant club. Are there any other issues with any of the sites I've mentioned that are likely to cause problems? Do any of you have any suggestions for other alternative sites that could be considered?
Thank you,
Tim Swait

Happy flying!
Tim Swait,

Avian Hang Gliders
T: 01433 621753
M: 07985 600872
Richard Jerman
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