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Taking off – layout decisions and avoiding barbed wire

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Taking off – layout decisions and avoiding barbed wire

Postby Crawford Coulson » Mon May 21, 2018 8:56 pm

Not sure this will reach the right pilots but in the hope it does.

If you arrive at a site with a barbed wire fence and especially if it is windy or thermic with strong cycles, it is not a good idea to set up to launch close to a barbed fence. Especially if as on Sunday, 3 very experienced pilots have all chosen to set up further down the slope away from the fence.

Give yourself a safety margin and you stand a chance of recovering a bad situation before you shred your wing and/or your flesh!

There is also no point is setting up immediately behind another wing. The inevitable will happen, you’ll be wanting to launch and you’ll be stuck right behind the wing in front having to side step frantically or with the possibility of stepping on the wing or getting yourself caught up in the lines and dealing with a very unhappy pilot.

Move yourself to a better spot before committing to a launch layout or if the lower pilot is setting up after you, ask them to move a bit before they lay out. Any pilot should be happy to do so but if you say nothing, you might imply that you are happy to wait for them to launch first. Wings don’t need to be completely apart but you do need at least a reasonable gap (commensurate with your experience) to run through! LMSC sites mostly have ample room to layout in a friendly manner.

Nothing personal, I’d just hate for anyone to get dragged through a barbed wire fence!
Crawford Coulson
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