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Midland Gliding Club – Competition week - 2/7/22 to 9/7/22

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Midland Gliding Club – Competition week - 2/7/22 to 9/7/22

Postby Crawford Coulson » Wed Jun 29, 2022 10:51 am

Midland Gliding Club – Competition week

The MGC has a competition starting this week, practise day Friday then competition running from 2/7/22 and finishing on sat 9/7/22.

Note that “During this time the airfield will be much busier than normal especially if the ridge is working".

Please be extra vigilant during this period and refresh your collision avoidance rules of the air. Remember traffic is not just launches but also landings and from possible cable breaks.

Please be safe and respectful by not flying close to or above their airfield – for safety reasons this forces them to stop launches until you are clear which is not fair (horizontally you might plan to stop just short of their field but on the ground they have to assume you might continue and vertically they cannot always ascertain if you are safely above winch height or not). Ideally if they are obviously busy with launches, move away to a different part of the ridge.

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Re: Midland Gliding Club – Competition week - 2/7/22 to 9/7/

Postby Geoffm » Wed Jun 29, 2022 11:35 am

There are about 26 sailplane pilots registered for the comp, not sure how many of those are additional to locals, probably most. However, some have dropped out for various reasons. I doubt they will be on the ridge long before they get away - though obviously that depends on the day. The main issues will be from launches and landings - there is a more or less standard circuit for landing in a westerly, where they do their downwind leg from Wentnor, crossing the ridge to the north of our launch, before their base leg and landing either back into wind to the west, or slightly cross wind to the south if it is very light. They very rarely overshoot a landing, but it can happen, in which case the overshoot will be just our side of the windsock.

Of course, if they are coming back from an XC very low, that all might change a bit. Or, on the day, whoever is in charge at the MGC (the Number One of the day) can specify a different approach. Just look out on the day, and be aware of what approach they are using, and try not to block it.

Also check the launch direction. On the current forecast, they'll be launching to the south - this is always their preferred direction anyway.

Many of the visiting pilots will not be used to mixing it with lots of PGs and HGs.
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