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Long Mynd PG1 bottom landing field news/update

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Long Mynd PG1 bottom landing field news/update

Postby Crawford Coulson » Wed Aug 11, 2021 10:45 am

Some hot off the press good news at our Long Mynd site! Following a meeting with the National Trust the ‘emergency only’ landing rule on what was our PG 1 bottom landing field is now relaxed to a degree, such that it is acceptable to use it now for ‘unplanned’ landings. This is the field immediately below the PG launch area with the single large tree in its centre. HG’s are to continue to use the HG landing fields and not PG 1.

‘Unplanned’ means please don’t deliberately do top to bottoms. And continue to try to top/slope land when you can and if safe to do so. Although the field has just been cut and is thus less critical, our considerate behavior there now could pay dividends when it grows again. It’s a fluid agreement!

The meeting was only recent and an official statement and change to site guide will follow, but briefly if you do bottom land:

Try to land in the topmost part of the field, immediately pick up your wing and exit the field walking along a boundary fence and through the top (only) gate.
Do not linger in the field and never pack up your wing in the field. The less we are seen, the fewer the footprints, the less restrictive any future agreement is likely to be.
Always close the gate behind you - if its open, close it anyway.

If anyone complains that you should not have landed there, please ask who they are and how the committee may contact them (or pass on committee details), be polite and leave, and let the committee know.
Crawford Coulson
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