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Long Mynd PG Btm Landing Field - Update

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Long Mynd PG Btm Landing Field - Update

Postby kevin williams » Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:30 pm

A few weeks ago The landowner advised our Btm landing fields had now been sold subject to contract and asked that we no longer use them. Hence our message to stop using them and to top or slope land.
The landowner would not disclose the identity of the new owner until the sale had gone through. Therefore we were unable to enter into any new discussions with the new landowner about the clubs continued use.
Over the past recent weeks assuming the sale had now been completed we have attempted unsuccessfully to contact the previous landowner ( text messages, phone calls/voice mails, actual visits to the farm house) to see if he was now able to advise of the new owner in order for us to make contact etc.
A few days ago we became aware of a National Trust representative on site trying to determine the boundaries of our launch field. Upon confronting the Gentleman by one of our Pilots we were advised that the NT were contemplating making a purchase offer for the sloping field up to our boundary and also for the Btm landing fields.
Clearly this came as a surprise to us as we had been led to believe the fields were in the process of being sold subject to contract. We have unsuccessfully attempted yet again to contact the landowner for a position statement but will keep on trying. A further visit to the farm is scheduled.
In the meantime we request Pilots continue to refrain from Btm landing if possible and top or slope land as requested. As soon as we know any more information we will let you know.
kevin williams
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