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Bache and Sarn

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Bache and Sarn

Postby Nick Le Gras » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:30 pm

Our sites officer kevin Williams continues to keep in touch with the farmer in the hope that flying may one day be resumed. The farmer still states unequivocally that their is to be absolutely no flying from his property ,there are to be no exceptions, infringements are considered by him to be trespass.

This site is becoming more popular now the trees have been harvested to the frontage (we are hugely indebted to our out going sites officer John Antill) for his unstinting efforts on our behalf to bring this about .

However all members should please note that this is considered to be a "sensitive site" the owners are new to us and paragliding and we are almost certainly on trial.

New rules that apply :
A) text, Ric tel non. 07799691444 is to be made to the farmer to confirm presence/ identity is to take place (first on site )

B)There are to be absolutely no vehicles driving to the hill frontage
parking is however permissible in the field, just inside the gate ,such that the lane can be kept clear
Nick Le Gras
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