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Long Mynd Site News and Changes

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Long Mynd Site News and Changes

Postby Nick Le Gras » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:06 pm

Long Mynd Launch
It has become necessary, in light of recent events to make some changes .Regrettably, consistent failures by inconsiderate pilots to observe our most simplest of rules has now resulted in very significant costs to our club.
During the summer month of August 17, the weather, a classic light wind day by all accounts, drew pilots from all over to our fantastic westerly site.
The conditions were not favourable for soaring flight the net result being a very significant number of “out” bottom landings.
No problem! I hear you say, nor would it have been if the pilots had landed in the designated landing field, which is well, identified both on our website and on our notice board and on the ground with a windsock, it’s a beautiful field extending to 13 Acres!
Instead the farmer described the carnage, with pilots landing in every field he owns!
In one field two pilots were quite content to land adjacent to stock that was actually in the process of actively being managed and moved by the farmer, the stock scattered and a very valuable ram, ran full tilt, head long in to a fence and broke its neck. We have now gone some way to mitigate the farmer’s loss to our considerable detriment, so...

Going forward any Bottom landings on Fir Tree Farm outside the designated landing field will be subject to a £20 fine Payable directly to the farmer who will have seen you land. If pilots chose not to pay this with good grace and honestly, they will simply put our landing in further jeopardy.

Additionally with immediate effect, the £3.00 “flying day fee” (temp membership) that applies to our Long Mynd launch is now payable on “any and all” days flown. (The fee had earlier only applied to weekends and bank holidays ) There is a new and obvious, permanent Honesty Post located adjacent to the site entrance where this can be paid, alternatively the “On Line Payment” facility still remains.

We would continue to appeal to any and all pilots familiar with our wonderful site, to assist us to educate those who might be around us, who can’t be bothered to review or observe our simple requirements prior to launch.
Many thanks
Nick Le Gras (LMSC Chair)
Nick Le Gras
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Re: Long Mynd Site News and Changes

Postby David Broughton » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:10 am

Thanks to the committee for sorting this out. Obviously we need to recoup site costs so charging visitors seems justified.
David Broughton
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