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Icy conditions warning

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Icy conditions warning

Postby Crawford Coulson » Fri Dec 09, 2022 10:56 am


Please take care driving to flying sites in icy conditions. Getting on top of the Mynd can be a challenge – it’s no fun at all to get half way up only to find your tyres slipping on the ice.
I’ve watched a 4x4 slide from the Lawley public parking area down into the forested area needing to be pulled out (whereafter it prompted slid further down the road and got stuck again!!).

Even if its plus at the bottom, it could be minus degrees after some ascent! Likewise when you leave, the water may have warmed then iced over again. If you decide to walk up, please park your car in a sensible spot where it won't be a nuisance & stick to walking up roads or official paths only.

Also note in the past in icy conditions the weather vane has sometimes ‘stuck’ so its worth a double-check against another weather station &/or the MGC webcam showing the windsock or a site report from someone already there.

Safe flights,
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Crawford Coulson
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