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Please do not fly low over the Sailplane field! Please read!

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Please do not fly low over the Sailplane field! Please read!

Postby Crawford Coulson » Fri Nov 04, 2022 10:21 am

Please note the MGC (Midland Gliding Club - sailplanes next to our launch) have voiced their concern over our gliders continuing to hold up their operations by flying over their field too low & for too long.

This is obviously an annoyance to any sailplanes having to wait sometimes for extended periods to launch & potentially dangerous.

Emergency aside, please:

- do not put yourself into a position where you might get blown back over the MGC field
- if you go downwind then try to get back to the front, it is not acceptable to fly low over the MGC field to get back
- Position yourself such that thermals will not drift you back over their field; or leave the thermal to search for another in good time
- Remember that getting close will force them to stop their operations as they do not know if you will continue towards them or not. Turn away from their field in good time!
- We ARE permitted to cross their field if we are over 1500ft AGL AND in a solid climb AND moving quickly away!

Thank you!

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Crawford Coulson
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