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No chairs on launch or landing areas please

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No chairs on launch or landing areas please

Postby Crawford Coulson » Wed Oct 12, 2022 12:36 pm

A few pilots have queried the committee about camping chairs that were brought onto the Long Mynd launch/landing area on Saturday, citing safety concerns.

There was no specific rule but clearly bringing any large or hard object onto the launch or landing area of an airfield presents a risk. Even left folded on the ground, a camping chair could cause an injury to a landing pilot or a pilot being dragged.

The committee have had a vote which concluded bringing chairs onto the launch or landing areas presents a small but unnecessary risk to both the person sat in the chair and to landing pilots. It would also quite likely lead to more chairs over time and thus an increasing risk if left unchecked.

We therefore concluded:

-Please do not take chairs onto the launch and landing areas. (Consider using a flat foam pad instead if you want a dry derriere).

-If you see anyone bringing chairs or indeed any unnecessary objects that could pose a risk onto the launch and landing areas, please politely ask them not to. Report to committee if this is refused.

-Chairs are allowed immediately on the left as you walk through the gate, i.e. alongside the fence where the fixed bench is currently situated. This is the safest area and provides a decent view too. Please use that area.

-Any disabled persons that need a chair in order to get airborne, please get in touch with the Committee. If we are aware that you need aids to fly and that you are able (or have assistance) to ensure your safety and that of other pilots, then we will facilitate as best we can.

Do please get back to us if you wish to discuss or add to this.

Many thanks
LMSC Committee
Crawford Coulson
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