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Wrekin NW Landing field C – Closed – PLEASE DO NOT LAND HERE

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2022 8:53 am
by Crawford Coulson
Wrekin NW Landing field C – CLOSED – PLEASE DO NOT LAND HERE

The Wrekin landing field on the NW side, marked C on the site guide, is being developed into a car park and café. Work has now started & although it will likely drag on, we do not know what will be done when. Thus for safety reasons & so as not to interfere with the work, we are removing it as an official landing field.

Please do not continue to land there – the landowner additionally kindly allows us access to the Wrekin and to the ‘Rifle Range’ landing field, so its certainly not worth risking upsetting these agreements.

The Rifle Range PG landing field remains official though is a small and technical field & not visible from launch – do have a look at it from below before considering whether to fly the hill. Fields either side of the Rifle Range field may be used if they are not in crop. The HG field is a lot further out but remains open to PG & HG.

The other main fields to avoid are the ones immediately below launch with the farm and horses – please give these a wide berth, do not fly low over them and never land in them.

In the site guide, the area marked C is the field that is now closed. B is the ‘Rifle Range’ and remains open to use. We may be able to negotiate another field & if so will provide an update.

LMSC Committee