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Heat Warning & High Fire risk

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2022 9:44 am
by Crawford Coulson
Heat Warning & High Fire risk - Please take extreme care across all LMSC sites

It goes without saying we have some extreme temperatures for the next 2 days – if you are planning to fly, ensure you take plenty to rehydrate, use sun lotion & cover up, watch out for turbulence (strong thermals, dust devils, gusts) & be aware & responsive to heat exhaustion symptoms in yourself & your mates.

In this dry weather it would take very little for a fire to start and to spread rapidly. Please be very aware of the risk. Including:

-If you see glass or a bottle on a field, please remove it or if unable to then position it where it would be completely out of the suns rays.
-Please do not smoke while on the dry fields.
-Obviously no camp fires/BBq’s!
-If you have anything flammable in your car – e.g. alcohol gel, fuel, batteries, gas – best to remove it!
-When parking, please make sure none of your exhaust is touching dry grass.

If you see someone at risk of causing a fire on a LMSC site, please politely explain the problem!

Don’t forget wings/flying kit are likely to be damaged if left in the car in this heat!

Thank you,
LMSC Committee