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Corndon Hill/Lan Fawr –Sheep shearing– now till 17 July

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Corndon Hill/Lan Fawr –Sheep shearing– now till 17 July

Postby Crawford Coulson » Mon Jul 04, 2022 1:16 pm

Corndon Hill / Lan Fawr notice – Sheep shearing – now till approx. 17th July

Over the next 2 weeks the sheep are likely to be sheared on Corndon. Please make sure farm vehicles can easily pass your vehicle and leave plenty of clearance for them to be able to easily turn into gates.

Obviously do not fly near any shearing in progress or where sheep are being/have been rounded up. Check the bottom landing fields before going up – if they are using the fields please do not land in them; instead land on the hill and walk back down or the HG/PG field may be free if you have enough height/forward penetration to reach it.

Two reminders; as always, please never drive to the very top of Corndon hill and give a lot of clearance to any horses including the farm with them - both explained on the site guide.

If you go please spread the word amongst any other pilots at Corndon in case they have not seen this message.

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