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DRONE FLYING – LONG MYND – SUNDAY 22 MAY – 0900hrs to 1600hr

PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2022 3:05 pm
by Crawford Coulson
DRONE FLYING – LONG MYND – SUNDAY 22 MAY – 0900hrs to 1600hrs

We’ve had this request, I have replied twice but have not received any response to confirm I is going ahead. I asked if possible to fly the drones in the morning as most of our XC’s would likely be in the afternoon, but this is not confirmed. I also suggested putting this additionally out as a NOTAM would be really useful but it is not showing as yet. Unless I post to say otherwise, assume this is happening exactly as detailed in the information below).

We are planning to run an exercise on the Long Mynd on Sunday 22 May, between 0900hrs and 1600hrs.
We would like to set up our command vehicle in the Plush Hill car park and then exercise our team in the area to the South East of the car park around the area of Jonathan’s rock, Jonathan’s Hollow and Long Batch. We won’t be going further than the Jack Mytton Way.
Ideally we would like to exercise our foot and quad teams off track (Max. 2 Quads) and if weather permitting our drone team. We will be planning to fly one drone in the airspace for task durations of maximum 15 minutes flying time, at a maximum altitude of 330 feet. We have the capability to fly 8 x 15 minute flights with the batteries we have (as and when tasked).
I have attached an overview of the exercise area
West Mercia Search & Rescue