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Safety reminder: reducing the chance of collisions

PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2022 9:47 am
by Crawford Coulson
Committee safety reminder:

Please remember Black Knoll (plus Corndon & Lan Fawr) is often used by club registered paragliding schools. Its open to all pilots but expect to encounter low airtime or pilots in training at this south end of the Long Mynd ridge, so please be respectful and give them plenty of room. Their idea of ‘too close’ is likely different to that of an experienced pilot so please take this into account.

Flying in such a manner that you scare other pilots is not acceptable. ‘Buzzing’ other aircraft, getting uncomfortably close, doing unnecessary rapid turns near other pilots or flying straight at another aircraft forcing them to change course is dangerous. Mid air collisions can be horrific, please lets all fly sensibly and minimize any chance of one occurring!

The aerial collision avoidance rules are attached – every pilot should be 100% familiar with these rules, please check that you are.