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New Paragliding Sports class XC League - cash prizes

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New Paragliding Sports class XC League - cash prizes

Postby Dave Thomas » Tue Jan 25, 2022 6:22 pm

The club have decided to support the majority of our pilots by entering the club in a brand new concept - a separate cross country League with real serious cash prizes for those flying anything less than En D wings.
There is a sports class for those flying En C wings, and a Leisure class for En A or B wings and bot have separate cash prize funds - the winner in each gets £250, plus lower level amounts.

You do have to enter the existing National Cross Country league in order to be part of this new league, as the results are extracted directly from that league, but displayed separately at website

So, as long as you state our club as being your main club on that system, then you will not have to pay to enter this competition. You as a pilot get the chance to show your capabilities against similar wings and get the chance to win money without having to put money in - it's a bit like a free lottery ticket.

For the club, we have carried out many ventures to encourage pilots to fly cross country over the years, and for our part we welcome the chance to further that cause.

Please do support us as a club and get you flights in - even flying up and down the Mynd will score. And for those pilots who have not yet passed their 'Pilot' Exam' and rating, you are still eligible to fly and compete - under these specific rules of the main xcleague:
If you are a Club Pilot and interested in XC flying, you can enter your flights provided you are flying within the coaching environment of your club. The following conditions must be met:

You must have a full understanding of the airspace you will be flying in and must have been briefed beforehand by a qualified pilot.
You must pass your Pilot exam as soon as possible, if not in the current season then before the start of the next. Not doing so may result in your flights being removed.
It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that their BHPA membership is current and any flights made when not a member will be removed.
For full details of the new Sports class league please go to
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