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New CANP process for everyone

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:33 pm
by Dave Thomas
The process to submit a CANP to notify pilots of all disciplines that we may be flying a site, has been updated and improved. It was originally a spreadsheet to fill in and email, but this has now been largely automated.

I've been helping Chris Willams the originator behind the system, to make sure we have corect sites and locations.

Please note that Long Mountain is now on the system, under the school/club name of 'Not Defined'. That's a site that's used a lot by our members and frequently overflown by Shawbury training helicoptors and aircraft into or out of Welshpool. Please note that there is still the payment requirement as far as we're aware to fly this site.

There is an option to try it out, please have a go, but make sure you use this one, not the live system -

This is the LIVE system address