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Long Mynd - pilot flying low spooking horse and rider

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 5:57 pm
by Crawford Coulson
Glad to see there was some good flying at the Long Mynd today but it seems one pilot was caught out, messed up or been very silly. We’ve had a complaint from the owner of the house and paddocks of Fir Tree Farm, that is the property almost immediately below launch just south of the NT (paraglider) landing field.

A paraglider went over so low a horse was spooked causing the rider some concern but thankfully no harm done but this could potentially now lose business for the owner as a result.

Perspective from the ground can sometimes be out but the paraglider was thought to be so low there was concern and fright from onlookers over it potentially hitting the power lines over the property.

It goes without saying that spooking a horse could result in injury to both horse and rider, it can usually be avoided by thinking ahead and always having a Plan B. Power lines are unlikely to end well.

If you were the pilot or know the pilot, please get in touch with me – 07891 630798 - its always useful to hear both sides of the story and it helps to keep the peace if I can get back to the owner and say the pilot has come forward, explained and apologized.

Please all pilots, do your best to avoid flying low over any houses and buildings and animals in the valley. It’s usually obvious from paddocks and dressage arena's where the horses will be.

If you are caught out, rather choose an unofficial and safe field than take risks trying to reach the official field at any cost. When flying south of the Long Mynd launch, think ahead so that if you suddenly lose lift/height you can reach the bottom landing field without being forced to make an unsafe approach, low over property, horses or power lines.

Many thanks, Crawford | Chairman