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Reminder to submit a CANP for safety

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Reminder to submit a CANP for safety

Postby Crawford Coulson » Tue Jul 06, 2021 9:39 pm

Just a reminder to submit a CANP for safety when flying, especially for weekday flying but weekend is also useful.

Its easier than ever to submit using this excellent website , click ‘send in CANP’ on the left menu – much less faff than previously.

If you’re not convinced of the benefits, have a look at this video – (love the cool as a cucumber commentary!)!

Lots of interesting info on the websites menu including instructions on use, the BHPA policy which explains the system well and I’d suggest worth a read for the latest info/advice. There's a link to notaminfo website that displays NOTAMS. Clicking ‘current/future CANPs’ enables you to see those already submitted so you don’t duplicate a CANP.

In theory there is less need for the Long Mynd launch itself as it is already largely covered by Midland Gliding Club airspace, however a CANP here on an XC day should (hopefully!) give an extra indication to expect us downwind of the site.
Crawford Coulson
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