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Long Mynd site safety - critical safety notice

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Long Mynd site safety - critical safety notice

Postby Dave Thomas » Sun May 17, 2020 8:24 am

This is a reminder to everyone who may have forgotten or for those that do not care about rules. Please read the site guide and take responsibility for your actions. The site guide -

I do not believe the BHPA insurance covers you for causing accidents to others if behaving irresponsibly ( I may be wrong but best to be sure). Remember, most people are not current, cannot fly or ground handle their wings with the normal expected level of proficiency so it is everyone's responsibility to make allowances for others and give people room.

Key points to note - our field is the launch and landing location of multiple wing types - PG's, speed wings, tandems (not at present),flex wing kingposted HG's, Topless HG's and Rigid wing HG's. All of which have different launch and landing characteristics. It is absolutely imperative that pilots vacate the landing area immediately, irrespective of whether they think anyones likely to be landing soon.

Guests and spectators should not be on site - there are designated viewing areas either side of the north and south fences that provide a safe vantage point. This is a private airfield, not a picnic site.

When PG plots are walking across to the rigging and launch areas, please remember you are crossing an active airfield, therfore look out for craft that may be attempting to land - they have priority and right of way.

Also, if you see anyone you don't know, check if they are members and if not ask them if they understand the rules and then to pop their site fee money in the box - our site is costing us thousands of pounds to maintain.
Dave Thomas
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Re: Long Mynd site safety - critical safety notice

Postby David Broughton » Mon May 18, 2020 8:21 am

I guess this post was prompted by some specific incident at the weekend?

I have noticed that, in the recent past, use of the field with regard to designated launch/landing/rigging/packing areas has become far too lax.

It is in everyone's interests to OBSERVE & POLICE the rules. Newer members may not be aware but accidents have happened and people have been injured and subsequently died as a result of not doing so. Make sure you comply and don't be afraid to confront those who don't.

It's not just a Long Mynd issue - this from a North Wales news letter:

Airfield discipline

You may think that this is old news, but the subject is an ‘evergreen’ that never goes away and should be
always in our minds. The views and recommendations of Carl Wallbank, currently one of Britain’s leading
Hang Glider pilots, as expressed in his feature in the Summer 2013 Newsletter (accessible from our website
homepage) deserve every member’s attention and observance. He presents a ‘cast iron’ case for better
‘airfield discipline’ that is impossible to challenge: had some of the points Carl makes been better applied at
the time, it is likely that one of our members would not have suffered such life-changing injuries at the Long
Mynd last year.

We don’t think of ourselves as using airfields but any place where any form of aircraft operates can be
described as one, and appropriate safe operating procedures should be observed. And the busier that
airfield, the more stringently they should be applied. A couple of PGs alone on a hill can agree to be much
more relaxed about these procedures than say, Llangollen on a busy day when there may be 20 PGs and
10HGs, at all different stages of flight from preparation, ready to launch, airborne and landing. Hopefully we
all observe those elements of air law necessary to avoid risk of collision whilst in flight, but I know (because I
may be as guilty as anyone!) that we could all do better as we make ready our wings; prepare to leave the
ground; as we return to it and what we do with our wings while eating our sandwiches! And I have to admit
that the hangies are better disciplined than us baggies!

The problems multiply as numbers of flyers increase, but make a quantum leap when you mix Paragliders
(portable and quicker to prepare, minimal TO run, low landing speed, etc.) with Hang-Gliders (take longer to
rig, heavier, faster flying and landing speed, etc.) – as we often do at Llangollen and a few other sites where
both are operating.

Of course everything depends on how many are on site and what they are flying. Half a dozen PGs – no
problem. 30 PGs – big problem! 30PGs and 10HGs – needs a full time marshal. And visitors who know
nothing about our activities also need to be kept away from take-off and landing areas. I would like us all to
willingly adopt a higher level of airfield zoning and discipline. etc.
David Broughton
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