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Safety issue relating to new low airtime pilots

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:48 pm
by Dave Thomas
Following a near miss incident at the Long Mynd launch on Tuesday I have been asked by the pilot who had to take avoiding action, to follow up on the problem but am unaware who the low airtime pilot was that created the near miss.

Please take this on-board in the manner it is intended - to help remind and advise what's important.

The situation was of variable scratchy launch and soaring conditions with many pilots on the hill, most of whom were on the ground most of the time. One pilot was positioning themselves for a slope landing in front of the normal paragliding area. A low airtime pilot launched themselves at the exact moment that a mid-air collision was imminent. The pilot coming into land was fortunately able to stall his wing and land short, thus avoiding the issue.

Almost certainly the new pilot is completely unaware that there was any potential conflict, as they very quickly descended to land in the NO LANDING bottom landing field. We need our new pilots, and want to keep them alive, so for everyone, new and old hands, please talk and help avoid - the new pilots do ask for help and the experienced, look out for them and if anything looks out of place in any manner, do speak to them with some kindly advice.

Link to the safety page with more information on a process avoid this happening, any additional input from our instructors most welcome :