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Reminder about using CANP for local soaring

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Reminder about using CANP for local soaring

Postby Dave Thomas » Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:29 am

Now that the flying season is about to arrive properly and the hibernation for many is ending. Please remember about CANP. This is a system for weekday pilots to pre-warn the military especially and other powered pilots of the likelihood of PG/HG's flying soaring sites. It really is very easy to do, and is of special importance and use for those pilots who are only expecting to be ridge soaring/thermalling locally to launch. Not only will it pre-warn the military but is an easy way of creating Notams. It is not a problem for more than one person to submit a request and not a problem if it turns out the weather is not suitable and you don't end up flying.

Website now has details on how to easily create CANP requests for local soaring. Note that it is of limited use for XC pilots though you can request notification of pilots flying downwind from a launch location.

Submit it in the afternoon the day before ideally, though may not work well for Monday flying.

Full details are here:
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