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Improvement to Sarn weather station

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Improvement to Sarn weather station

Postby Dave Thomas » Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:36 am

It's only a small improvement and mostly affects me, but best to let everyone know. Since installing our first weather station, it ran on an EE mobile connection, and the only way of running it was through the monthly contract that could not be renewed each month until the previous month expired, which meant I either had to stay up to past midnight or renew the EE subscription first thing the next morning each 28 days. Bit of a pain to do and often meant no weather or camera data for a while.

When we put the Clatter weather station up, we used O2 PAYG, which just needs topping up every so often and actually works out cheaper to run, so after trialling that this year at Clatter we have now put an O2 SIM card in the Sarn weather station.

So this means a saving of maybe £30 per year on mobile charges for Sarn, and if it ever goes down, it will either be because of a fault or a loss of mobile signal - the EE signal often used to drop out for a few hours at Sarn.
Dave Thomas
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