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Week beginning Monday, 30th July

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Week beginning Monday, 30th July

Postby Geoffm » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:49 pm

A sudden - but temporary - end to the hot weather at the end of last week, and really disappointing for the organisers and attendees at Parafest. The poor weather is continuing into this week for a few days, then gradually picks up again, though wind is a problem for PGs (and, possibly, HGs) for a few days.

Monday: SW, but blown out, and possibly still some showers.

Tuesday: still SW, still probably too windy.

Wednesday: the winds start dropping a bit. Basically, still SW, maybe WSW, but - at the moment - not on the Mynd. Camlo is probably the best option, if the winds aren't too strong.

Thursday: still WSW/SW, still likely to be Camlo, though wind might be an issue.

Friday: lighter winds, westerly. Mynd should be OK for PGs.

Weekend: forecasts a bit contradictory at the moment.

From Friday, it's the BOS hang gliding comp on our sites, 3 - 7 August. Not sure how many people, it depends, of course, on the weather. They've been a bit unlucky with weather the last few years (or is it decades?). Hopefully, it will be better this year.
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Re: Week beginning Monday, 30th July

Postby Dave Thomas » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:01 pm

Wednesday was very windy, even down south, but quite a few fairly reasonable flights were done from Milk hill, but despite the sky looking like a 200km plus day I think everyone dropped short mid afternoon?

Wednesday still not great around here today, windy and grey. Down south lots going XC at present from Milk hill in lower winds than yesterday and much better air than here.

Thursday looks like being similar around here to Wednesday, might be flyable on our SW sites and probably usable for ridge soaring so worth going out if you can.

Friday and Saturday look at present like being good Mynd days for both ridge soaring and XC.
Sunday going east.

If anyone who's knowledgeable about our flying sites and what good looks like - especially relating to conditions ideal for low airtimers and ridge soaring, then please do join in and help out with the forecasts. I'm away until the later part of August and may not be able to look at the weather and post.
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Re: Week beginning Monday, 30th July

Postby Geoffm » Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:50 pm

Friday starts off with a bit of south, but rapidly goes west, so will be on the Mynd, and soarable. You should expect to be sharing the sky with 40 or so hang gliders, it's the first day of the BOS comp.

Saturday: lighter, NNW to N. Locally it is Sarn, but check the site guide to see if it is open. Llangollen is another option, though it is possible the comp will be there, we aren't sure yet.

Sunday: very changeable in wind direction at the moment, though it does look like it'll finally end up westerly in the evening, but may be too light to be of much use.
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