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Postby kevin williams » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:57 pm

One of our pilots (Piers Nesbit) flying Camlo today was approached by a local man who runs a falconry centre at the Btm of the hill who voiced some concerns about us flying In the area. Piers reported this to me and I contacted the man this evening (Eddie Churchill) to discuss his concerns.
Eddie explained that he trains falcons using kites with food attached and was concerned that his falcons may confuse our paragliding wings with his kites and as a consequence some falcons may approach out wings either out of curiosity or mistake them for his training kites.
Eddie was concerned that this may be a surprise to flying pilots and as a consequence a safety issue for both our pilots and his Falcons which he said are extremely valuable ( many thousands £)
He asked that whenever pilots come to the Hill if they could call him to let him know and he would’t release any of his Falcons. He provided his phone number 07463892639.
I explained I would put this information on our website but could not guarantee his request would be carried out on every occasion.
kevin williams
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Re: Camlo

Postby Mike Hope » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:20 pm

Quite rightly a concern has been expressed and a warning that a glider may be approached by a falcon, Hawk or Eagle but their are many hours of habituation to get a Bird of Prey used to flying close to a kite or drone or indeed a Paraglider, so although a possible inconvenience, their would be little to worry about from a trained BOP as long as as always air safety is taken into account you cannot expect the Bird to understand. As you have identified a Falconry centre it should be stressed that Flying over such an establishment should be avoided especially at Low level as the effect on Breeding birds in an aviary is something that would cause great stress especially at this time of year (Breeding Season). Eddie would be approachable as long as his concerns are heeded as he will understand that you have to be good neighbors whatever your passion..
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