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This is where you’ll find up to date information about our sites and activities. As well as the site guide and a huge range of other information, you can actively contribute by:

  • posting in the discussion forum – only LMSC members can post, but anyone can read it.
  • using the chat box on the left, where members can quickly post comments. Again, only LMSC members can post, but anyone can read.
  • sending up to date site condition reports via Twitter. Anyone can use this to give information on current conditions, by sending a tweet which includes the hash tag, #lmscsite – you can also use it to exchange information, e.g. to say you are going to a particular site today. You don’t need to be a member to use this.

Only LMSC members are able to login – do so by using the link on the left.

Visiting pilots

Visiting pilots are very welcome to fly most of the Long Mynd sites. All pilots flying our sites must be British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) members (or members of an equivalent foreign organisation) as this includes insurance to cover injuries to other pilots or damage to property. Before flying, please read our sites guide and speak to a committee member, club coach or experienced local pilot about bottom landings, local conditions, airspace, etc. You can find details of our club coaches on the coaching pages. Why not join the LMSC if you fly our sites regularly?

Please note: if you are not an LMSC member, there is a £3 per day fee for flying the Long Mynd at weekends and bank holidays. You can pay the fee online by clicking here. After paying site management costs, the rest of this fee goes to the air ambulance.

Many LMSC pilots also fly Long Mountain. This is not an LMSC site, but it is within our area. There is a £5 site fee for flying here. Pay this online here.


For information on local weather, go to our weather page – and there are also readings from the Mynd weather station at the bottom of this page.

Air ambulance

Contribute to our local air ambulance at Midlands Air Ambulance

Want to learn to fly?

We are a club of qualified pilots and do not train people wanting to learn to fly. However, there are local schools who will be happy to teach you to fly, or give you tandem lessons. Please see our Schools page for more details.

Contact the club

Email secretary [at] longmynd.org or see the Committee page for a full list of email addresses.

Recent announcements
  • The wind seems to be dropping quicker than forecast, does anyone think the Mynd might work, early evening?

    Posted By Andrew Maddox

  • 2015 Registration is open ...

    Posted By Crawford Coulson

  • LMSC clubnight GPS/vario/Kobo We are considering putting on a clubnight meeting about GPS/VARIO combinations, on Monday 2nd March, just in time to prepare for the proper start of the season. A meeting to provide an overview of the pros/cons of some of the options currently available. Also to receive an overview of how to make KOBO's work with XCSOAR and some advice on how to configure XCSOAR for use on KOBO, or Android phone/tablets. We'll only do it if there is some interest from members, so please let us know, either post here, on the website forum or email any of the committee.

    Posted By Dave Thomas

  • not recommended, but good to watch!

    Posted By Crawford Coulson

  • Safety notice from Kortel.

    Posted By Crawford Coulson

  • A reminder about the LMSC clubnight to be held next monday evening 2nd March at the Midland Gliding Club on top of the Long Mynd (assuming that the weather is suitable to get up there and get back down). If by any chance the weather is not suitable we are likely to move it to another venue rather than cancel the event. We will be covering many of the current GPS/VARIO Sat/nav options available for PG, HG and even sailplane use, the Pro's and Con's of each with input from those that have experience in their use. We will pay particular attention to the XCSOAR sofware and KOBO hardware and also with input from the Saiplane pilots. The drinks are very reasonably priced and it's lovely and warm up there now that the building is fully double glazed, so no excuses. It would be good to know who's coming so please mail either Jason Smith or myself. Safety at longmynd.org or treasurer at longmynd.org Dave Thomas Posts: 492 Joined: Thu May 02, 2013 11:45 am

    Posted By Dave Thomas

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Long Mynd webcams and weather station

There are now two webcams at the Mynd,  courtesy of the Midland Gliding Club. For both, time is displayed in GMT, wind speed in knots. So to get the actual time, in summer, add one hour to the displayed time!

LMSC Webcam: Pointing north to the LMSC site. 


Pointing at LMSC launch


MGC Webcam: Pointing west to the windsock at the MGC. 

Pointing west to windsock


Weather station information. This is also located at the MGC. Updates every 15 minutes.

Data summary


Wind direction and QNH over last 4 hours Wind speed over last 4 hours