Welcome to the Long Mynd Soaring Club (LMSC) – supporting pilots since 1975!

The LMSC has 13 soaring sites located in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) and mid-Wales. Most are ‘open’ sites except for Clatter and The Wrekin for which we ask non-members to contact a committee member for a day’s temporary membership before going to the site.

The Long Mynd site itself has an honesty box and we ask non-members to pay a day fee of £3 which goes towards the sites upkeep.

The day fee can also be paid online here: https://webcollect.org.uk/lmsc/subscription

If you fly the sites often, please join to support the club and for all the benefits of membershiphttps://webcollect.org.uk/lmsc/subscription

Please fly safely and act respectfully, including where our activities bring us close to members of the public or to where animals may be frightened. Remember that we have access to sites and landing fields thanks to the goodwill and generosity of landowners and neighbors. A big smile and a thank you goes a long way!

Parking is often sensitive so please park sensibly and always in accordance with the site guide’s recommendation.

Please always check the relevant site guide before going for the latest updates and adhere to the rules which helps us to keep sites.

This website and forum offer definitive information but we also have the following which we encourage you to join – these are open to anyone who flies LMSC sites:

Telegram group: LMSC Chat (general chat and Q&A)
Telegram group: LMSC Sites Reports (reporting conditions on launch)
(To join a Telegram group ask an existing member to add you or contact a committee member)

Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/www.longmynd.org (advertises club events, for sharing interesting flying news and ideal for showing your pics and videos of flying on or near LMSC sites)

Covid Update 11 08 2021
Whilst many restrictions have been removed or relaxed, we ask all pilots to continue to follow the relevant government guidelines that are still in place where our sites are located. Failing to do this, as well as the health risk, could upset those who see us and result in the temporary closure or permanent loss of a site.  Please do not visit our sites or events including socials if you have Covid or Covid symptoms.

 Long Mynd paraglider landing fields – Only use PG 1 field and for Unplanned landings only


Long Mynd Bottom Landing Field – PLEASE READ

The Long Mynd bottom landing field PG 1 is now under ownership of the National Trust. This is now the only paraglider specific landing field. This is the field immediately below the PG launch area with the single large tree in its centre.

[Hang gliders may continue to use hang glider designated fields as shown on the site guide. Hang gliders should not use PG 1.]

The good news is that they have said we may continue to use the field subject to the following conditions:

  1. The field must only be used for Unplanned landings.
    Pilots are requested to avoid planned top to bottom flights and to side land if unable to top land.
  2. The field has been out of bounds to us during the months of May, June & July during the first year. Subject to our using the field minimally and considerately, the new agreement may allow  ‘unplanned’ bottom landings all year round. This will be confirmed in due course.
    The NT purchased the field specifically to create a meadow to grow different varieties of flora to harvest & export the seedlings to other baron land they own, and also to attract varying species of fauna. The meadow will be cut annually as part of its management but especially when the meadow is growing/grown, it is vital that we do not damage it when landing and walking through the field.
  3. Any agreement will be reviewed on an annual basis subject to our compliance of these conditions.
    The field is now included on the NT warden’s patrol schedule and they are likely to be active in the area on flying days to monitor our usage of the btm field and to observe the extent of our impact to the flora & fauna.
  4. Try to land in the topmost part of the field, immediately pick up your wing and exit the field walking along a boundary fence and through the top (only) gate.
    Do not linger in the field and never pack up your wing in the field. The less we are seen, the fewer the footprints, the less restrictive any future agreement is likely to be.
    Always close the gate behind you – if its open, close it anyway.
    If anyone complains that you should not have landed there, please ask who they are and how the committee may contact them (or pass on committee details), be polite and leave, and let the committee know.