Welcome to the Long Mynd Soaring Club (LMSC) – supporting pilots since 1975!

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The LMSC has 13 soaring sites located in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) and mid-Wales. Most are ‘open’ sites except for Clatter and The Wrekin for which we ask non-members to contact a committee member for a day’s temporary membership before going to the site.

The Long Mynd site itself has an honesty box and we ask non-members to pay a day fee of £3 which goes towards the sites upkeep.

The day fee can also be paid online here: https://webcollect.org.uk/lmsc/subscription

If you fly the sites often, please join to support the club and for all the benefits of membershiphttps://webcollect.org.uk/lmsc/subscription

Please fly safely and act respectfully, including where our activities bring us close to members of the public or to where animals may be frightened. Remember that we have access to sites and landing fields thanks to the goodwill and generosity of landowners and neighbors. A big smile and a thank you goes a long way!

Parking is often sensitive so please park sensibly and always in accordance with the site guide’s recommendation.

Please always check the relevant site guide before going for the latest updates and adhere to the rules which helps us to keep sites.

This website and forum offer definitive information but we also have the following which we encourage you to join – these are open to anyone who flies LMSC sites:

Telegram group: LMSC Chat (general chat and Q&A)
Telegram group: LMSC Sites Reports (reporting conditions on launch)
(To join a Telegram group ask an existing member to add you or contact a committee member)

Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/www.longmynd.org (advertises club events, for sharing interesting flying news and ideal for showing your pics and videos of flying on or near LMSC sites)

 Many of our sites are in areas used for training by low flying military aircraft during the week. Submitting a CANP on time will alert military aircrew and additionally generate a NOTAM for civil aircraft and will thus identify where Hang Glider/Paraglider activity is likely to be occurring for the day – keeping you and others safe. Please use the freephone NOTAM service on 0800 515544 or it’s easier than ever to submit using this excellent website with club sites already listed : https://canp.logans.me.uk/ (fill the form in and click’ submit’, try it first with the ‘try sending a test’ option).
Details on what it is and how it works are here: https://canp.logans.me.uk/about.html