This page is for useful programs to help you setup, download & use your flying tech ….


  1. GpsDump is a program used to get tracklog from gps to computer.. Here a tutorial on how to use it …

gpsdump tutorial

there is a old and long thread on PgForum about how to get GpsDump on to a Mac, i would have a good read before starting.

and here is a tutorial for making waypoints with google earth & gpsdump

2.  Airspace

here are couple links to pages to help with getting your airspace maps



3. Tutorials

Here is a good link to British Hang Gliding Competitons Information with some good tutorials on gps and airspace

4. Digital Logbook

Here is a multi platform(windows,linux&mac) Logbook



 5. Tracklog viewer

Here’s a great new website to view your tracklogs with an animated view ,

A Doarama is an interactive 3D diorama of an activity you do.