XC League


The aim of our club leagues is to promote XC flying through friendly competition within the club. To that end, the rules have been kept to a minimum with the idea of including as many flights as possible. GPS track logs are now required. Up to six flights may be entered. Flights must be submitted within one calendar month. The league table is part of the national XC league, administered by the British Paragliding Competitions Panel. There is no charge for entering flights in the club league, but if you also want your flights to appear in the national XC league, there is a £6 charge. For more information on this, and the general league rules, see the rules on the national website.

To register for the league, go to http://www.xcleague.com/xc/account/?ac=01

There are three tables shown:

1. Individual league: flights by LMSC members. This table shows flights by LMSC members, and from sites within our region (note: this isn’t guaranteed to accurately reflect the current membership status of individuals listed in the table). Pilots should nominate the LMSC as their primary club, to be eligible  for awards in this category .


2. Club league: this shows the position of the LMSC in the overall club league. It takes the best six flights (from any site) from the top four members of each club, and ranks the clubs accordingly. Note that only the main club of each pilot is taken into account. For example, if you are in two clubs, the LMSC and the DSC, if you have the DSC as your main club, your name will NOT appear in the LMSC section of this table.

3. Daily flights by anyone: