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  1. Testing chat box

  2. Pg flying mynd..hanglider rigged.merry xmas

  3. Working now

  4. Bloody weather station. Wrong data again, cams ok

  5. Weather station fixed now. All data correct.

  6. Apparently the weather station has got flat batteries…. I’ll try and get them replaced today, or switch it to a mains supply.

  7. Well, the weather station data is wrong now, stuck on the 21st at 22.19, so the overlad data on the cams is wrong, though the image is correct. I’ll get it fixed asap.

  8. Hi Mark, yes it was, but fixed now. Well spotted. I think someone at the MGC had changed their network settings, so I had to reconfigure the cam. Should be ok now, so you can see how miserable the weather is.

  9. Hi Geoff,
    Is our webcam kapput? No image!