LMSC coaches


Coaching done by an LMSC coach under the BHPA coaching scheme is always free. Some coaches also offer additional commercial services, such as guiding. This page is for guidance only. When you contact a coach listed below, it is important to check that they are still registered as a coach with the BHPA.


Sites and availability
Ad hoc coaching
Guiding and/or mentoring
Name and contact info
PG john_bowman
John Bowman
01562 850885
PG Mostly Mynd and North Wales sites. Have flown in Turkey, France, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Morocco Yes No XC, thermalling. Flying since 93, AP rated Hill Paraglider Pilot with 1300 hours. malcolm_davies
Malcolm Davies
07710738846 Mainly weekends.
HG Mynd, Sarn, Corndon, St Andre (home for much of the year) Yes No Hill and Towing, XC. Senior coach. 30 years tim_dunn
Tim Dunn
PG tony_flint
Tony Flint
01952 257123
07967 789829
PG Long Mynd area Yes Yes Accuracy approaches and landing Tow launching and accuracy for 16 years, hill for 9 years chris_haynes
Chris Haynes
07973 166456
HG, PG, speed flying LMSC sites. Out all the time unless abroad. Yes Offers commercial guiding, UK and abroad Groundhandling, XC, etc. Thousands of hours mark_leavesley
Mark Leavesley
info@leavesleyaviation.com 07774 856056
HG and PG Long Mynd, Malvern and Thames Valley club sites to the south and east of the LMSC area (Mynd, Wrekin, Sarn, Corndon, Malverns, Much Marcle, Leckhampton, Edge hill, Liddington, Milk Hill) Yes No UK only. Hill, Towing and XC. Conversion between aircraft types. Weather forecasting. Entry level competitions Nearly 40 years experience.  HG and FLPA HG 600hrs, Sailplane 300hrs, GA 60hrs and now mostly PG (700+ hrs). dave_thomas
Dave Thomas
dgwt@hotmail.co.uk 07867 829563