LMSC coaches


Coaching done by an LMSC coach under the BHPA coaching scheme is always free. Some coaches also offer additional commercial services, such as guiding. This page is for guidance only. When you contact a coach listed below, it is important to confirm that they are current (paid up) BHPA members and that they are registered as a coach with the BHPA.

Coaches may be contacted directly below, or there is a club Telegram group for CP pilots to interact directly with LMSC club coaches – Telegram Group: LMSC Coaching Group (for pilots looking for coaching and site advice, must be minimum BHPA CP rated). To join the group, either ask someone to add you or email club [at] longmynd.org asking to join.


UK Sites and availability
Ad hoc coaching
Guiding and/or mentoring
Name and contact info
 PG  LMSC sites mainly  Yes  Acro, SIV & Tandem Air experience instructor, commercial tandem pilot & SIV/Acro courses [LMSC Chief Coach]
Dave Roberts
PG Mostly Mynd and North Wales sites Yes No XC, thermalling Flying since 93, AP rated Hill Paraglider Pilot with 1300 hours. malcolm_davies
Malcolm Davies
07710738846 Mainly weekends
PG LMSC sites mainly Yes No Flying for 3 years Sian
Sian Leavesley
PG  LMSC sites mainly  Yes  Hill flights tony_flint
Tony Flint
01952 257123
07967 789829
HG, PG, speed flying LMSC sites. Out all the time unless abroad. Yes Offers commercial guiding, UK and abroad Groundhandling, XC, etc. Instructor with thousands of hours Marc

Mark Leavesley
mark[at]leavesleyaviation.com 07774 856056

 PG LMSC sites mainly  Yes  Yes  Hill XC Pilot rated with hill, tow & power endorsements. Paragliding since 2003. Crawford_Coach3
Crawford Coulson
07891 630798
 PG LMSC sites mainly  Yes  Yes  Hill XC
Hike & Fly
Pilot rated. Paragliding since 1998. x
Ben Henson
07890 909542
 PG LMSC sites mainly  Yes  No  Hill soaring Club Pilot rated. x
Chris de Pinna
07939 527639
 HG LMSC sites mainly  Yes  Hill flights AP rated with hill & tow endorsement .  Flying for 40 years &  1500 hours. Flex & rigid wings. x
Tim Dunn