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Reaching the Clubs Committee

Email: club [at]

or club members may prefer to use the Committee contact page to reach a specific person:


Club Coaches

Main Club Email contacts

For general correspondence: secretary [at]

For a sites issue: sites [at]

For anything else: chairman [at]

For Urgent Issues

For urgent sites issues please call: Ben 07890 909542;
or for anything else: Crawford 07891 630798
If you don’t get straight through, please leave a message or send a text!

Land owners & tenants: you may have been provided with details of a local
‘sites officer’, if so they might be able to respond quicker.

Please note

(please convert [at] to the standard email address format)

If the clubs emails are failing, e.g. you get no reply or a bounce back message,
please alert us! (or email lmsc.chairman [at]

We cannot always respond immediately but we will as soon as we can.

If you don’t get a timely response, please try a different contact option!

In the event of an accident, call the emergency services first!

Press: Please note that we never discuss accidents with the press.

The Long Mynd Soaring Club is a member of the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA)


Social Media & Messaging Groups

Telegram group: LMSC Chat (general chat and Q&A)
Telegram group: LMSC Sites Reports (Site updates & reporting conditions on launch) **PLEASE JOIN AT LEAST THIS GROUP FOR IMPORTANT SITE UPDATES**
Telegram Group: LMSC XC Plan & Fly (to share & discuss XC weather, sites & plans; to help lower airtime pilots; to encourage car sharing, meeting & flying together; to improve pilot & club cross country achievements and to increase safety of XC pilots)

(To join a Telegram group ask an existing member to add you or contact a committee member)

Telegram group: Wales & Welsh Borders Retrieve (not Club run, but the cross country retrieve group that covers our sites; see )

Facebook (advertises club events, for sharing interesting flying news and ideal for showing your pics and videos of flying on or near LMSC sites)