Status: Sarn is currently open to LMSC members only (temporary guest membership can be obtained by contacting any committee member). PLEASE SEE COMMENTS BELOW ABOUT NOTIFYING FARMER ON ARRIVAL.
Grid ref: SO227901
Latitude: 52.503754° (52° 30′ 13″ N)
Longitude: -3.139499° (3° 8′ 22″ W)
HG rating: CP
PG rating: CP
Takes wind: 350 ° – 20 ° (NNW – N)
Location: [] [] []
Maps: 1:50000 137 or Explorer 216
SarnBlue arrows = take-off areas
Green triangles = landing fields
Thick red line = power lines (note: not all power lines are shown)
Red oblong = gates
P = parking
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Turn south off the A489 at Sarn village next to the bus shelter/post box. Take the left fork at another phone box and follow the lane to the top of the hill and a small lay-by on the left. Park here and walk to T/O through the gate, or go through the gate and park up just inside the gate along the perimeter fence and then walk to the launch site. You are NOT allowed to drive further into the field!


  • T/O altitude 1000 ft AMSL
  • Top to bottom 500 ft
  • The forest immediately below take-off has been cut down, so the usable area of the hill is much greater now.
  • There can be turbulence caused by the spur to the left of T/O when the wind is west of north.
  • Top landing very big and flat. You can safely land back at the access gate.
  • Bottom landing is cross wind and cross slope. Check it out before flying.
  • No paramotors allowed.
  • No dogs allowed.


  • Hugh Miller, 08/08/2007, 122.6km to Cirencester. PG.
  • Bob Calvert , 1984, 167 km. HG.


This area is used by low flying military aircraft on weekdays.


Nothing significant nearby.


  One Response to “Sarn”

  1. Members are now requested to text the Launch area land owner ( Ric tel non. 07799691444) advising him of our presence/ identity. He only needs to receive one text message so can I suggest the first Pilot to arrive on his site does this assuming there will be many club pilots arriving & flying .
    Kev Williams