Status: Clunbury is open
Grid ref: SO 375 801
Latitude: 52.41667° (52° 25′ 0″ N)
Longitude: -2.916356° (2° 54′ 58″ W)
HG rating: CP
PG rating: CP
Takes wind: 310 ° – 350 ° (WNW – NNW)
Location: []
Maps: 1:50000 137 or Explorer 201
ClunburyBlue arrows = take-off areas
Green triangles = landing fields
Thick red line = power lines (note: not all power lines are shown)
Red oblong = gates
P = parking
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Clunbury google


B4368 west from Craven Arms. Turn left after Aston on Clun to Clunbury. Limited parking space in a small quarry at the bottom, or in field marked. From the quarry, follow the track up and around the west of the hill. At the gate at the end of the track, turn left to the top of the hill. Shut the gate. This track is unsuitable for cars, and doubtful for 4WD. If using 4WD, then at the gate across the track, turn left and park in the field.


  • T/O altitude 875 ft AMSL
  • Top to bottom 400 ft
  • Take-off and top landing are straightforward.
  • Bottom landing is in the flat field marked, but check the position off the power lines as these can make the landing difficult. These are indicated in red on the Google image above. Also check whether the fields are in crop, and do not land if this is the case – you will have to top/slope land.
  • No paramotors allowed.
  • No dogs allowed.


This area is used by low flying military aircraft on weekdays.


Birmingham CTA at 30m downwind.