Lan Fawr


Status: Lan Fawr – |Parking Sensitive – see below |   Closed for lambing – Mon 13 Feb 2023 until advised (likely early May)
Grid ref: SO295967
Latitude: 52.5636° (52° 33′ 48″ N)
Longitude: -3.0394° (3° 2′ 21″ W)
HG rating: CP + 10h
PG rating: CP
Takes wind: 290 ° – 330 ° (W – NW)
Location: []
Maps: 1:50000 137 or Explorer 216
Lan FawrBlue arrows = take-off areas
Green triangles = landing fields
Thick red line = power lines (note: not all power lines are shown)
Red oblong = gates
P = parking
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Lambing closure – This site will be closed for lambing each year usually from end January until the end of April unless notified otherwise.]

2023 closure dates for lambing are: Mon 13 Feb 2023 until advised (likely early May)

Please pay particular attention to access / parking notes below!


Turn off the A488 at a derelict tower signposted White Grit/Priest Weston 2km to a T junction. Take the rough track to the left. There is more parking down this end before the first gate, so consider parking along this track well over to the side allowing access for larger farm vehicles to pass and to clear the turn into gates. From here its only a brisk 12 minute walk to the second gate! (You may continue to drive through the first gate and up to the second gate but there is limited parking here and you may be forced to drive back down).

Walking or driving, after 100m go through the 1st gate which MUST BE CLOSED after passing (even if open when you arrive). Approx 1 km to a widened area with gate on the left & gate  on the right – this is at the far edge of a pine plantation (now cut, but obvious where it was). Corndon hill is through the left gate and Lan Fawr is through the right gate but NB no vehicles through these gates, both to Corndon & Lan Fawr pilots must walk from these second gates across to T/O.  Park allowing access for larger farm vehicles to pass and to clear the turn through gates. Driving through these second gates could result in the loss of these sites – please don’t do it and please tell any other pilots not to do so! The walk from second gate to take off is easy and about 10 minutes.


  • T/O altitude 1350 ft AMSL
  • Top to bottom 600 ft
  • Take-off is straightforward but the ridge is short.
  • Top landing is restricted and rotor awaits at the rear.
  • Bottom landing is easy in the flat field marked. There are reasonable alternatives in an emergency.


Mark Leavesley, 2006, 111.3km to Selsey. PG


This area is used by low flying military aircraft on weekdays.


Halfpenny Green ATZ at 30m.