I love XC


In memory of Ian Love, the club is awarding trophies to members who complete their first 25k, 50k, 100k, 200k and 100 mile open distance (ie. not with turnpoints), cross country flights. These trophies are available to both paraglider and hang glider pilots. For the 25k award a landing witness is sufficient but for all the other awards the flight needs to be verified by a 3d igc file from a gps. This can either be uploaded to the club league here http://www.xcleague.com/xc/account/?ac=01&ref=%2Fxc%2Findex.php or sent to comps@longmynd.org. The trophies will be awarded at the next LMSC Bash or AGM.

2014 winners

50 km: Danny Taylor and Crawford Coulson
100 km: Nigel Brevitt

2013 winners

25 km: Wendy Griffiths and Crawford Coulson
50 km: Luke Evans and David McKenzie
100 km:  Steve Watts
200 km: Kai Coleman

2012 winners

25km: Luke Evans
50km: Steven Pym, Steve Watts
100km: Richard Worley, Dave Thomas, Geoff Minshull, Martin Bucknall