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Apr 052017

Farmer must be notified of flying on arrival. See site guide.

Mar 282016

Just a reminder that there is a long standing rule at the Mynd that if you want to do acro, please do NOT do it close to launch. Go along the ridge well to the north, or go out a long way into the valley in front of the ridge. This is partly for safety reasons – acro can easily go wrong; but also because it often means that other pilots are discouraged from launching, not wanting to be in the air with people, who may or may not be competent, doing acro close to them.

Mar 092016

Bache is closed for all flying, until further notice.
As of July 2016 it is still closed to all. Please do not try to negotiate with landowners directly, as the club is already trying to resolve the recent problems which have caused the closure.

North South Cup

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Jan 182016

The N-S cup is due to happen between 13 and 15th May 2016 – No idea of the venue yet.