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Covid Update 7 01 2021

All LMSC sites shut – see forum for details.

Covid Update 21 12 2020

All LMSC sites in Wales now shut – see forum for details.

Long Mynd landing field 19 12 2020

Long Mynd Bottom Landing Field – PLEASE READ

The Long Mynd bottom landing field is now under ownership of the National Trust. 
The good news is that they have issued us with a License to continue to use the field subject to the following conditions;-

1. The field must only be used for Emergency Landings.
Pilots are requested to avoid planned top to bottom flights and to side land if unable to top land.

2. The field is out of bounds to us during the months of May, June & July.
The NT purchased the field specifically to create a meadow to grow different varieties of flora to harvest & export the seedlings to other baron land they own, and also to attract varying species of fauna. Their scientist advised these 3 months are critical to achieve this objective.

3. The licence will be reviewed for renewal on an annual basis subject to our compliance of these conditions.
The field is now included on the NT warden’s patrol schedule and they are likely to be active in the area on flying days to monitor our usage of the btm field and to observe the extent of our impact to the flora & fauna.
Kind Regards LMSC Committee 

Covid Update 02 12 2020

All LMSC sites in England now open – see forum for details.

Covid Update 09 11 2020

All LMSC sites in Wales now open for Welsh residents – see forum for details.

Covid Update 06 11 2020

All LMSC sites in England now shut – see forum for details.

Covid Update 21 10 2020

All sites in Wales will be shut from 18:00 Friday 23rd October until November 9th as per Welsh national COVID lockdown

Site update applies with immediate effect – CORNDON

– No vehicles are now to be driven up to the top of the hill / launch
– Vehicles to be parked in the lane such that farm vehicles can pass at all times
– Pilots should assume farm vehicles are towing large loads and must be able to “turn in” to gated accesses, which must not be obstructed

Covid Update 22 09 2020

A reminder please to all pilots

COVID 19 – Social Distancing rules , guidance and directives, are for ever changing

Please be very sure that you observe the very latest requirements at all times whilst on landowners property flying our sites.

You are under observation typically ,whether you realise it or not, and criticism could be very damaging to site retention
Many thanks
LMSC Committee

Clatter has now re-opened with landowners permission, but following an incident August 2020 Bank Holiday the farmer is upset.  Please SHUT and CHECK SHUT the gate to the road. Do not leave open for anyone else to close.  The track is also a bridlepath so it might not be us to cause the issue, but lets make sure it isn’t please.

The latest COVID19 update – tandem flying 5/07/2020

That all tandem pilots going forward will be required to be full members of the LMSC

Clearly they will have the requisite licences to undertake tandem flying ..Whether commercial or otherwise.

We retain and reserve, the right to ask to see such licences , to safeguard third parties.

Quote from BHPA

To BHPA tandem licence holders

The UK Government has confirmed that in England from 4th July GA flights will be permitted with passengers who are not from the same household as the pilot, if specific precautions are in place (link).

In light of the Government’s changed rules for GA flights, the BHPA has determined that from the 4th July BHPA tandem licence holders in England can fly with passengers, if following the guidance. This activates Stage 3 of the BHPA’s return to flying roadmap, for the moment in England only.

This guidance will come into effect in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Crown Dependency Islands when the tandem flight authorisation is extended to those countries.

Previous Corona Virus update from ….. 2/06/2020

The Welsh government relaxation with respect to exercise and leisure are subject to, and limited by, the conditions they define as staying “local” (defined approx. 5 miles from home) and an obligation to continue to comply with social distancing.

Please also note that current guidance states, you should not be travelling from England into Wales either.

So…. the committee considers that access to the sites below are currently limited to pilots that are “local” to them.

Following consultations with the landowners, our Sites Officer now reports on the availability of our Welsh flying sites as follows

Camlo – Open
Corndon – Open
Llandinam – Open
Llan Fawr – Open
Shephards Tump – Open

Clatter – Closed …The farmer considers the risks are too high for him currently

Sarn – This site is now permanently Closed

A massive blow to us, we have only just been advised , as we sought to reopen it !
The owners are in the process of changing the tenant and do not want our activities to complicate the negotiations.
We will keep an eye on the site whilst the new relationship establishes, and hope going forward we may resume.

Please do not guerrilla fly this site , you will likely be very unwelcome, and off course, will jeopardise any future negotiations.

Many thanks

Nick Le Gras
on behalf of LMSC committee.

Previous Corona Virus update from ….. 14/05/2020

Further to the last update issued on May 12 ,

The much awaited clarifications and guidance we have been waiting for principally from the CAA and the BHPA on the resumption of paragliding has now arrived.

It’s clear then that paragliding can now resume in England provided the appropriate steps are taken, and issued guidance observed.

The Long Mynd Soaring club is fortunate enough to have access to 5 sites in England, one of which we of course own.

Your sites officers have consulted with landowners and confirm that the sites identified below may be considered to be “Open” with immediate effect.

If any special conditions have been placed upon us by the land owners in these extraordinary times ,they are additionally identified below

Flying Stuff

LMSC sites now considered to be open

Wrekin : Open
Lawley : Open
Long Mynd : Open

We would like to remind all pilots that there is now ***** an authorised bottom landing for paragliders *****
No tandem flights permitted
No training permitted by schools
The adjacent Midland Gliding Club is closed, as are all the clubhouse facilities , Do not venture on to MGC property, at this time
Non members pay the daily site fee !

Black Knoll : Open
Clunbury : Open

For the complete avoidance of doubt all our other sites remain closed as they are located in Wales

Previous Coronavirus update from :- 25/03/20

Our Committee have taken the view that all our flying sites are to be considered closed with immediate effect

This action reflects the latest government issued advice

Additionally we are uncomfortable with the potential to:

· Burden the NHS with spring time flying accidents
· Alienate our landowners
· Attract adverse publicity for our free flying sport going forward.

We trust all pilots will understand and comply with this request until further notice

Many thanks

N. Le Gras , LMSC Chair


Long Mountain – this is NOT an LMSC site, though close to our sites.  There is a mandatory day fee for flying of £5 which is payable through YX Paragliding School – click the ‘site fee’ button on the bottom of their web page   http://www.yxparagliding.co.uk/