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This is where you’ll find up to date information about our sites and activities. As well as the site guide and a huge range of other information, you can actively contribute by posting in the discussion forum – only LMSC members can post, but anyone can read it.

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Visiting pilots

Visiting pilots are very welcome to fly most of the Long Mynd sites. All pilots flying our sites must be British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) members (or members of an equivalent foreign organisation) as this includes insurance to cover injuries to other pilots or damage to property. Before flying, please read our sites guide and speak to a committee member, club coach or experienced local pilot about bottom landings, local conditions, airspace, etc. You can find details of our club coaches on the coaching pages. Why not join the LMSC if you fly our sites regularly?

Please note: if you are not an LMSC member, there is a £3 per day fee for flying the Long Mynd at weekends and bank holidays. You can pay the fee online by clicking here. After paying site management costs, the rest of this fee goes to the air ambulance.


Recent announcements


  • Hi, I have a good condition Gin Bolero 4 up for sale in orange and blue. It's medium 80-105kg with 50hrs. I've just had an inspection done on it and is in a nice crispy condition. Photo is off google but it looks identical! Comes with bag and inspection certificate. PM me if interested. Going around £1200 but sensible offers accepted.

    Posted By Eddie Garside

    October 21

  • The webcam image looks a bit more like a painting than a photo. And it's almost flyable - though probably on the front, it's too far off to the south.

    Posted By Geoff Minshull

    October 17

  • Finally the trees in front of Sarn are being harvested. Let's hope it improves the flying now. Not a very clear photo but I was too far away....

    Posted By Justin Davies

    October 09

  • Hi everybody. I am selling my gear which includes: U turn emotion 3 size M U-turn RX3 harness size L, U-turn PROTECT III RIS L - 140 KG 38m² reserve, Ozone concertina bag, Ozone nutshell helmet . All the equipment is almost new, and has less than 10 hours of airtime. No ground handling and no bad landings. I am selling because i will leave the country soon, and i can't take it with me.I am looking to sell everything at the same time . PM me for more details. http://www.u-turn.de/web/english/blog/detail?newsid=62

    Posted By Alex Popa

    October 10

  • Posted By Alan Clark

    October 02

  • Well last night was a great success, we all had a great time. Firstly thank you to everyone for coming and secondly thank you for all making it such a great evening 😊 Also a special thanks to Dave Chambers and his lovely wife Colinda for travelling so far. Please click on the link to look at the pictures. https://goo.gl/photos/MJCmnUAdXPcCazqA7

    Posted By Sian Leavesley

    September 29

Long Mountain

Many LMSC pilots also fly Long Mountain. This is not an LMSC site, but it is within our area. There is a £5 site fee for flying here. Pay this to beyondextreme@hotmail.com using PayPal.


The Mynd webcams are at the bottom of this page. For other information on local weather, go to our weather page.

Air ambulance

Contribute to our local air ambulance at Midlands Air Ambulance. Here is their Justgiving page, where you can easily make donations. Alternatively, you can donate via the LMSC when you join or renew as an LMSC member.

Want to learn to fly?

We are a club of qualified pilots and do not train people wanting to learn to fly. However, there are local schools who will be happy to teach you to fly, or give you tandem lessons. Please see our Schools page for more details.

Contact the club

Email secretary [at] longmynd.org or see the Committee page for a full list of email addresses.

Long Mynd webcams and weather station

There are two webcams at the Mynd,  courtesy of the Midland Gliding Club. For both, time is displayed in GMT, wind speed in knots. So to get the actual time, in summer, add one hour to the displayed time!

LMSC Webcam: Pointing north to the LMSC site.

Pointing at LMSC launch


MGC Webcam: Pointing west to the windsock at the MGC.

Pointing west to windsock


Weather station information. This is also located at the MGC. Updates every 15 minutes.

Data summary


Wind direction and QNH over last 4 hours Wind speed over last 4 hours




Sarn is currently open to LMSC members only (temporary guest membership can be obtained by contacting any committee member)

This image below is from our weather station located near Sarn with the camera pointing at take off. Data collected constantly but averaged over 15 minutes, camera every ten minutes.

Most recent camera image below (updated every 10 minutes).

Link to full data capture (history, trends in graphs and charts) – Opens in a new window. Once in that new window if you click on the header ‘Camera’ you will get a complete listing of the days photographs in time order rather than just the one current one. If it is flyable wings can just about be seen ground handling or flying.